Ref Compressor

Single stage reciprocating compressor

Product Description:

Model: W

Power Input: ~ 80 kW

Refrigerant: R404A

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Product details

Brand: Refcomp

Power supply: 3P/380V/50Hz,

Cooling capacity: ~ 102 kW

Cooling capacity control: 02 step

Mass flow rate: 141~240 m3/h

Operation condition: Evaporator temperature: - 60˚C, Condensing temperature: 50˚C, 

Protect device: PTC, INT 69 FSY, Oil level switch.,

All data have been rated in accordance with AHRI, ANSI, GB, OSHAS, EN 12900 Standard

Application: Refrigeration Compressor with high efficiency, save energy, reliability, performance and conformity to the environmental deep freezer and Air conditioning.

Original: Italy,