Ref Compressor

Fusheng screw compressor

Product Description:

Model: BSR311

Power Input: 43.2 kW

Refrigerant: HFC / HCFC

Original: Taiwan,

Dreco specialized in import comprehensive spare parts with high class from Korea, assemble and suppliers chiller unit, refcomp compressor, refrigeration equipment and air conditioning in industry & commercial building according euro technology.

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Product details

Power supply: 3P/380V/50Hz,

Cooling capacity: 165 kW

Cooling capacity control: 04 step

Displacement: 211 m3/h.

COP: 4.3 ~ 5

Operation condition: Evaporator temperature: 2˚C, Condensing temperature: 40˚C, 

Protect device: PTC, INT 69 FSY, Oil level switch.,

Fusheng taiwan the world famous brand for screw compressor and reciprocating compressor

Products with several model, each compressor reliability and available, attention toward other factors such us high efficiency, noise lee, high durable, save energy, environmental - friendly refrigeration and lower the cost during production line.

Reliability in all working conditions such as refrigerant technology,  thermal storage, heat pump system, cryo pump and air conditioning

Simplicity of installation and maintenance have spead the compact screw compressor technology to all market and meet client’s requested