Condensing Unit

Refcomp Ice Flake machine

Product Description:

Model: F400AF,

Power: 380V/ 50Hz /3 Phase,

Power consumption: 5 ~ 280 HP,

Refrigerant: R-22, R-404A, R-507C, R-717,

Original: Italy,

Dreco specialized in import comprehensive spare parts with high class, assemble and suppliers chiller unit, refcomp compressor, refrigeration equipment and air conditioning in industry & commercial building.

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Product details

Brand: RefComp

Compressor Type: Screw - Reciprocating - semi hermetic,
Temperature Condition : -30℃ ~ - 60℃,
Refrigerant: R-22, R-404A, R-507C, R717,
Condenser Type: Corrugated Fin & CU Tube,
Condenser Fan Control: Fan speed controllers or H.P.C,
Protection: High-Low pressure switch(D.P.C), Before operation,
Components inside: Liquid receiver, Filter drier, Pressure gauge, Liquid separator, Oil separator, Level gauge,Check V/V(Scroll) (Option: Sol valve)

Designed for industrial, commercial applications and for any where have request big cooling capacity.

Reliability in all working conditions such as central air conditioning, heat pump, cryo, refrigerant technology such as seafood provessing, food processing, beverage, swimming fool, ice room, liquid clo, chemical, Medical

Simply of installation and maintenance have spead the compact screw compressor technology to all market and meet client’s requested