Chiller Unit

Water cooled dry chiller unit

Product Description:

Model: RCWS036CA2A - Water Cooled Chiller Dry type

Cooling capacity: 360 USRT

Refrigerant: R134a,

Compressor type: Semi hermetic Screw Refrigeration Compressor,

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Product details

Power supply: 3P/380V/50Hz

Cooling capacity: 365 USRT

Power consumption: 245 kW

Refrigerant: R134a,

Compressor type: Dual Semi hermetic Screw Refrigeration Compressor,

Cooling capacity control: 04 Step x 02,

Chiller control by Microprocessor control PLC, Touch Screen LCD

Evaporator flow rate: 80.5 l/s

The fouling factor of chilled water: 0.018 m2C/kW

Condensing flow rate: 86.5 l/s

The fouling factor of cooling water: 0.044 m2C/kW

Operation condition: Evaporator: Entering temperature: 12.2˚C, Leaving temperature: 6.7˚C. Condenser: Entering temperature: 29.4˚C, Leaving temperature: 35˚C

All data in this table have been rated in accordance with AHRI, ANSI, GB, OSHAS Standard

Original: Korea,